Purchase Closing Service

For a purchase closing, I handle everything from the opening of a file through closing and beyond. I am always asked how this works, logistically. Because it's not enough to just say "it does", I'll try to explain by walking you through a typical file . . .

When you receive the initial paperwork from the realtor (or client, if FSBO), forward it to me via email or fax. Please include the client contact information and your fees.

Upon opening a file, I notify the clients, realtors, mortgage contacts, and other attorney of my involvement as your offsite paralegal. I keep in contact with each throughout the transaction. I request that correspondence is sent to me directly, unless otherwise requested. If anything arises that requires negotiation or if there is a legal issue, I will ask you to get involved or give me direction. Otherwise, I'll keep you updated on file status by email.

Once you receive contracts, I will schedule an appointment for the client to sign at your office. After signing, I will pick up the contracts and down payment check, make any changes/additions you request and send to the other attorney with a cover letter (unless you prefer to handle this yourself and then I ask that you copy me by fax). I will diary the mortgage contingency date and will request extensions as necessary. Please note, I do NOT negotiate the terms of the transaction with the client or the other attorney and I reserve the right to charge extra in the event I am asked to do so.

I will order the title search from your preferred searcher or title company. I do not order the search until I receive a fully executed contract and, if you prefer, a written commitment letter. I need your preference so I can handle each of your files that way. If you would like a municipal search, please let me know as it is not my standard procedure to order one.

When the title search arrives, I will forward a copy to you for legal review, and for discussion with the client, if necessary. I will prepare the title commitment, policy and CPL to forward to the lender with the other usual items. Again, I need your preference on owners' vs. expanded owners' policies.

Upon receipt of the clear to close, I will schedule the closing with all parties. I am capable of receiving and printing emailed closing packages. Upon receipt of the same, I prepare the HUD, closing statement and detailed disbursement instructions (showing the incoming funding check/wire, client's bank check and all outgoing checks you need to cut). As soon as they are completed, I will email you these items.

I will deliver the file to your office as soon as everything is in order. Very often, that isn't until the morning of the closing. I include a full unsigned copy package for delivery to the client at closing. I do my best to be available during closings, at my desk, in the event there are any questions or document revisions.

After the closing, I will pick up the file or you may deliver it to my office. If you are recording, please retain the original deed and mortgage and leave copies for me. If you need me to record, I can make the copies.

I will prepare and send the post-closing bank package within the time allotted by the lender. I retain a full signed copy package for the file. Within a week of closing, generally, I will send out the: mortgage broker copy package and check, final title to lender (if not requested with package), title copy and check to title company, title copy to client, and any other miscellaneous mailings. I will then deliver the file back to your office.

Well, that pretty much sums it up. I would appreciate the opportunity to work with you, so please don't hesitate to call or email with any questions. If you're still unsure, call me and we can discuss a discounted rate for the first service; that way, you can see how well it works for you and you won't feel like you're losing anything.

For this service, the following are items I will need from your office: letterhead in Microsoft Word - for any letters I prepare on your behalf, Federal Express or UPS account number, wire instructions and your current E & O declaration page. Click here to contact me.

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