My fees for a sale closing are as follows    Rates subject to change.


  • Flat rate of $250.00 for full service.*
  • $10.00 copies and postage.
* In rare instances, additional time will be charged at an hourly rate of $50.00. I will notify you if this is necessary, in case you choose to add this to your fee.

In the event you only need a partial service, I charge as follows:

  • Flat rate of $175.00 for preparation of the closing documents - including closing statement, deed, conveyance tax return, non-foreign affidavit, owner's affidavit, payoff notifications, payoff letters, indemnification letters, HUD authorization.

    Commercial: (real estate and/or assets)

  • Hourly rate of $60.00.
  • $10.00-$30.00 copies and postage.

    Short sale:

  • $75.00 upfront fee for HUD preparation (which includes all required revisions).
  • Flat rate of $500.00 (Please note, I do not handle debt negotiation. The only communication I should have with the short sale lender is to get the HUD approved).


    Items specifically excluded from my flat rate full sale closing service include, but are not limited to:
    • legal review of documents, including title;
    • contract and other negotiations;
    • additional documents** (i.e. POA, financing documents, etc.);
    • 1099 reporting***;
    • check writing;
    • closing attendance;
    • post-closing issues (i.e. release tracking, escrow follow-up, corrections for mistakes not made by me, etc.).

    ** Additional documents will charged at a rate of $50.00 per hour with a minimum charge of one hour.
    *** 1099 reporting services may be outsourced to most title companies or you may prepare yourself.


    Payment is expected immediately upon my delivery of the file to your office. If a transaction fails to close for any reason, at any point during the transaction, I still get paid. I keep track of time spent on each file, so the cancellation charge will be hourly. Any mail, or other charge, incurred post-closing will be billed separately and will be due on receipt.
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